Accord de coopération dans la formation et l’expertise nucléaire [cs]



France and Czech Republic are willing to establish and sustain an effective collaboration in nuclear education and training aiming at the development of the human resources, knowledge and skills necessary to establish and maintain a safe and secure nuclear power programme.
France, which produces about 75% of its electricity from nuclear energy, has developed specific training programmes over the years. In close liaison with research organizations and industry, these educational programmes benefit from the latest advances in research and from industrial operating feedback. Czech Republic operates two NPPs (6 reactors) and is actively preparing the construction of two new units.

Therefore, I2EN and the CENEN signed, on May 9th 2012, an agreement to exchange information and collaborate, at the occasion of a ceremony organized at the French Embassy in Prague, Palais Buquoy.

“Focused actions will be organized by the two partners” says Claude Barbalat (I2EN), in charge of the collaboration in France. According to him and to Vaclav Dostal (CENEN and ČVUT) this collaboration will mainly focus on “Student & educational specialists exchanges (internships, lectures, scientific journeys) ; workshops and meetings of educational specialists to share experiences ; improvement of educational programs by means of comparison of the systems of the two countries ; exchange of information about curricula and syllabus ; as well as on the preparation of double degree programmes.” In addition, I2EN & CENEN will setup a “Doctoral Initiative” fostering exchanges of young scientists at the PhD from France and Czech Republic. “Joint selection of thesis subjects and students, as well as co-supervising will be favoured in this frame,” specify Claude Barbalat and Vaclav Dostal.

The Czech Nuclear Education Network (CENEN), is the Czech coordination body engaged in nuclear education and training. The members of CENEN are not universities themselves, but rather the specific departments that offer nuclear related courses. They facilitate the direct access to the Czech nuclear education as they provide it. The non-academic members include the Czech nuclear regulatory body and the most important companies in the field of nuclear energy operation, industry and research.
Bringing together the leading universities and engineering schools as well as the main research organizations and companies in the French nuclear industry, the International Institute of Nuclear Energy (I2EN) promotes after foreign partners of France the best solutions in education and training for the development of human resources in nuclear energy.

French Ambassador’s speech (fr)

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