What’s at Stake with Regards to Energy for “Rio +20”

Energy is at the heart of human, social, economic, and sustainable development issues. Access to safe and sustainable energy is a prerequisite for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. This dimension must be further addressed by the International Community in the Rio +20 framework. The adoption of a sustainable development goal for energy may help. Reinforced support for access to innovative, reliable, and affordable energy services, renewable energy, as well as energy efficiency is a key factor for green growth.

France’s Commitments with Regards to Energy:

In Rio, France is committed to:

  • promoting access to innovative energy sources for all;
  • cooperating with Southern countries to ensure their energy security and support economic development;
  • participating in an energy transition towards a low carbon global economy through the development of renewable energy, more sustainable energy systems, and energy savings;
  • supporting the many efforts and initiatives, in particular the Paris-Nairobi Climate Initiative and the Sustainable Energy Initiative for All (SE4ALL) to expand and progressively establish universal access to sustainable energy.

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