Konference Forum 2000: "Diplomacy in the age of new media" [fr]

Konference Forum 2000 se konala v Praze od 21. do 23. října 2012.

Francouzský velvyslanec, pan Pierre Lévy, moderoval panel nazvaný "Diplomacy in the age of new media", v pondělí 22. října od 16h45 v kinosále Francouzského institutu v Praze.

Program panelu

In cooperation with the Embassy of France

Monday, October 22, 16:45 - 18:15

French Institute, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1

- Pierre Lévy, Ambassador to the Czech Republic, France (conf.)

- Vintsuk Viachorka, Opposition Activist, Belarus (conf.)
- U Ohn Kyaing, Member, Central Executive Committee, National League for Democracy, Burma/Myanmar (conf.)
- Yaakov Levy, Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Israel (conf.)
- Janina Hřebíčková, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic (conf.)
- Majdi Abed, Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France

Internet and its tools of social media and networking have considerably transformed diplomacy. MFAs (both the ministers and ministries) make more and more use of these new tools : Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, weblogs. What is their real impact ? How effective are they? While they are now almost routinely used (to communicate, to follow political, economic and social trends in the world, to manage crises), the free flow and the security of information become more and more crucial (i.e. Wikileaks).

Furthermore social media and networking has been instrumental in organizing and generating awareness of political mobilization towards regime change as shown during the so-called “Arab spring”. Thus, Cyber activists and social networks can play a key role. How much do these new tools affect political changes? To what extent are they taken into account by the traditional diplomacy ? How can MFAs use the new media to support and foster human rights defenders? Is it true that “if you want to liberate a society, just give them the Internet” as the oft-quoted Egyptian google executive W. Ghonim said ?

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