Master of Science in Nuclear Energy - Paris, France

The revival of Nuclear Energy at the international level has led several academic institutions located in Paris and the nuclear industry to combine their efforts and create a unique Master of Science in Nuclear Energy.

The Master of Science in Nuclear Energy responds to the demand for strong industrial growth by training industrial professionals and highly specialized researchers and faculty members in the discipline. The projection on the job market is of around 1,000 positions per year in the next ten years.

For academic year 2009-2010, 85 students are enrolled in the program, 40 of them being international. The objective is to train each year 200 students.

The Program is run by a consortium of leading academic institutions located in Paris, France (Université Paris-Sud 11, ParisTech, Supélec, École Centrale Paris, CEA/INSTN) with the support of major companies (EDF, AREVA, GDF SUEZ).

The Program, taught in English, aims to teach both French and international students the principles and knowledge required for the nuclear industry. It is open to students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Engineering or Chemistry.

The first year (M1) of the course consists of basic scientific courses (both fundamental and applied).

During the second year (M2), students choose one of the five majors:

- Nuclear Reactor Physics and Engineering (previously Nuclear Engineering)

- Nuclear Plant Design

- Operation

- Fuel Cycle

- Decommissioning and Waste Management.

Additional information can be found on the following web site:

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