Natural Disaster Resilience

What’s at Stake with Regards to Natural Disaster Resilience for “Rio +20”

Natural disaster risks and costs have increased substantially in recent years, particularly due to climate change. Originating from humanitarian issues, risk prevention falls within a sustainable development rationale, attempting to reduce the economic, social, and environmental consequences of development that is sometimes reckless and irresponsible. It mobilizes the international community and this commitment should be reflected in Rio+20.

France’s Commitment with Regards to Natural Disaster Resilience for “Rio +20”

France, which has developed a structured national risk prevention policy, is regularly solicited internationally regarding risk expertise, training local actors in civil defense, and implementing early warning, meteorological, and anti-locust systems. France’s humanitarian strategy makes strengthening populations’ resilience one of the four main headings guiding our humanitarian action.

France is committed to promoting risk prevention initiatives for Rio +20. With the European Union, a major donor, and its European partners, France will support a coherent and legible risk prevention policy addressing the issues of adapting to climate change risks and the European strategy for sustainable development. France believes that strengthening environmental governance falls under the same resilience rationale as sustainable development.

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