Responsibility of the Syrian authorities in the crackdown [fr]

Prohlášení tiskového mluvčího Ministerstva zahraničních a evropských věcí z 9. května 2011.

"France strongly condemns the continued crackdown in Syria, marked by renewed violence and by massive and arbitrary arrests, often accompanied by torture or degrading treatment on the part of the security forces.

The arrest of moderate and peaceful personalities is unacceptable. We renew in particular our appeal for the release of Riad Seif, who was injured and arrested on Friday in Damascus, as well as the release of all political prisoners. The Embassy of France was present at the first hearing in Riad Seif’s trial.

France underlines that the Syrian authorities are responsible, notably through their security services or the groups that are linked to them, for the acts of violence that have taken place since March 18 in Syria.

We are extremely concerned by the refusal of the Syrian authorities to allow international media to have access to the cities in which the violence is taking place and to freely cover the events. The intimidation and the detention of journalists are unacceptable.

We are equally concerned by the army’s intervention in several cities in the country.

As the Ministre d’Etat has stated on several occasions, we’re actively mobilizing our efforts within the European Union, which decided on Friday to impose sanctions against 13 Syrian officials involved in the crackdown. This constitutes a first step for us. France supports the expansion of sanctions to all those responsible for the crackdown, up to the highest level."

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